Cookie clicker is an idle game that uses fingers to click on cookies in the game interface to produce cookies. You can click on cookies many times in it to create a large number of cookies, purchase and upgrade the products of the cookies so that you can produce cookies more conveniently and form a cycle.

How to play Cookie clicker

In Cookie Clicker, you click cookies to produce cookies, and through cookies, you click, you can purchase and upgrade items in the mall. Items that can be bought include fingers that can be distributed around cookies to help you click on cookies. Grandma can form a production line to help you make cookies. There are also factories and other things. To a large extent, their role is to help you to produce biscuits quickly and buy more advanced items to speed up the production, thus allowing you to carry out production better.

Cookie clicker tips

In Cookie Clicker, you can produce a large number of cookies with the assistance of purchasing items. When you build a certain amount of cookies, you can provide better tools for the details. Like a rolling pin that can save effort for grandma. The more biscuits you produce, the more production lines you have. The more production lines there are, the more biscuits there are.

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